Bed for a bathroom will never disappear for sure. It is the most important furniture as the main part of bedroom where you are lying on it as tiredness comes to you. To get comfortable and nice art design, many designer has put their ideas to fulfill the people’s need toward functional and artistic bed design. From bed color selection, the design, and functional ideas, a new creative design has come to replace the old one in bed design. One of the most popular design to show in the market recently is amazing bunk beds with stairs.

unique bunk bed decorating ideas for bedroom

Bunk beds with stairs seems to be in high trend. A reason for those who choose bunk beds usually to trick the less rooms in a house which the family numbers go behind the room number. Therefore, it is strategic idea to cover the need for room for those of big family. This bunk bed also economizes space in a room. When your children bedroom has small size, two bed will overcrowd the room and has no more space for other purpose like reading book, play, or just relaxation. Therefore, bunk beds design is correct option especially for you who have small bedroom.

Unique bunk beds design

amazing bunk bed ideas

It is so amazing bunk beds that have unique designs and look so beautiful. It starts from the lower part design where it has unique design where storages are made under the bed. This is not unique but really useful design to make unexpected space into functional place but keeps having artistic design. On the upper bed, guardrails are made to make the sleeper safe from falling down to the floor. This design really makes the room capacious because of vertical space use than horizontal way. If you have wide enough bedroom enough for two beds, this bunk beds is also suitable because of artistic purpose while the left wide space can be used as wider playground.

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amazing bunk bed with stairs

To get access to the upper bed, stair is chosen not a ladder style. It seems safer for children when they go up for sleeping. It is made at the bunk end with grapple to anticipate from slippery or falling to the other side. The empty space under the stairs is used as drawers that make this bunk bed design really perfect. The drawers can be open from front or side of bed depending on the favorite style of the owner.  Therefore, this new design is really amazing bunk beds with stair.    

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