Small room space, financial reason, minimalist design, material, and so on are list of reasons when a home owner decide to choose furniture for their bedroom. Multi-function furniture is often loved better than merely furniture with one functional design for practice use. While furniture that has only one function is usually chosen by those who has good finance to feature its luxury. You probably prefer furniture that has double or multi-function design to do more functions in bedroom without worrying to spend more money to buy two or more furniture. Bed to desk design idea is one of furniture design that has double function and will do the functional purpose of furniture.

decorating ideas with bed to desk design

Bed to desk design idea is unique furniture that combines bed and desk in one design of furniture. This type of furniture is really practice to use for sleeping and study area or work area. It is suitable for small bedroom that doesn’t have enough space to receive two furniture, bed and desk. Nevertheless, some people with larger space often by this furniture because of their love of its unique design. In time of work time in bedroom, you can fold or hide folding bed that allow the chair stand in front of your desk and some people probably just think that you have only desk in your bedroom without bed and makes your life look incomplete, but when you fold out the bed, it makes everything change. The design will make your bedroom really have full function in limited space and makes you smart in choosing furniture to solve the room problems you face.

murphy bed to desk ideas for bedroom decorating

This bed to desk design idea surely has disadvantages. You will have less storage for your books or stuff but every problem has a solution. Minimalist wall rack can replace desk area that is used for bed or often bed frame also has storage although it is not maximal design. If you don’t like to bother, to fold out and enfold too many times, you can allow the bed stand without enfolding it every day but just do it when cleaning is needed. You can sit on your cross leg while keeps desk table in front of you to do your daily work in bedroom. It is really nice bed and desk design in one furniture that accommodate all purposes in bedroom and smart tip to treat small bedroom into complete design. So, all your problem has been handled by this bed to desk design idea.

bunk bed to desk idea for bedroom decorating
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