Decorative design marked by color, furniture, rug, and accessories conceptually is common bedroom that crosses general people image. For country or location with freezing air, jacket, thick bedding, or room heater probably become the option to conquer the cold night. They are good ideas but for bedroom decoration or design, fireplace is better to not only help your bedroom keep warm but also give beautiful design on one side or probably at the corner of bedroom wall.  Some people probably in certain place don’t have to design their bedroom with fireplace because of existing air condition. It is true but better reason explains that fire place can make your warm and decorate a bedroom better. Therefore, bedroom fireplace idea is right choice for bedroom design.

Fireplace idea

wood and rock bedroom fireplace ideas

There are some bedroom fireplace ideas to choose when you really want to make your bedroom look so beautiful. If you love for romantic sensation, wood burning fireplace is the best option for you that can give natural feeling with snapping and crackling of a roaring fire. It meets your traditional bedroom theme and peaceful old-time memory. If you don’t like your bedroom unclean by ash residue from wood burning, electric fireplace, or gas burning fireplace that will not leave dirt in your bedroom and easier in installation especially electric fireplace. Modern fireplace is easy to turn on or off by remote control without smoke and ash.

Basic design: Traditional and Modern Fireplace

white bedroom fireplace ideas

Bedroom fireplace idea either traditional or contemporary (traditional) each has advantage and disadvantage. Traditional historically comes from past time and stand in modern life to fulfil people’s need of fireplace that match to the vintage or traditional bedroom theme. This type of this fireplace commonly space dimension for wood burning leaning to the wall with chimney up to the roof for smoke access. This traditional fireplace tends to have the same shape with early design with bedroom. Some people, don’t like this type of fireplace because of too much work for wood supply and burning start.

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Contemporary fireplace like electric fireplace, is simpler in installation. It can stand anywhere inside your bedroom. Electric fireplace doesn’t have venting or chimney access for smoke access because the heating is not by wood burning but by electric heating. It enables you turn it on or off from your chair or bed without bothering you to light up the fire. Shape of this electric fireplace can be so different that looks elegant, and simple because of easy modification and you don’t need to bring wood and ash in and out of your bedroom from fireplace heart. You can also makes this fireplace a little bit higher than traditional that commonly lies on floor.

Fireplace mantel

mantel ideas for decorating bedroom
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Fireplace mantel can be made of wood that is easily manipulated into different style and shape and most affordable material. Other material can be brick, stone, marble, or metal. Marble is good choice to show rich, elegant, and hard and known for its longevity and durability. To perform natural appearance, stone mantel is the best choice like river rock, granite, and limestone. In shape design for bedroom fireplace idea, some fireplace mantels are designed with bookshelf or TV place above the fireplace. So, choose the best fireplace bedroom idea from type of fireplace, nuance to show, material, or special design that can represent best fireplace.

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