Door is a barrier as a part of house or building to be an allow access to enter the house of building and divide some rooms. A door usually has specific height and width and commonly has the similar interior and exterior but in some design, interior that faces inside room doesn’t match its exterior like in vehicle. In a house, a door usually has the same interior and exterior made of wood, glass, plastic, or combination. Door is not only an access in and out but aesthetic aspect and additional value are more interesting for some people. Bedroom French door is optional door type you can choose to design your bedroom.

bedroom french door decorating ideas

Bedroom French door commonly give direct access to backyard or deck. V-groove ceiling will matches French door as original style. This type of door also extends its frame into window with glass panel that lets more light penetrate into your bedroom. French doors are commonly installed in hinged-pairs that is opened in the middle when getting in or out and create a broad doorway. However, a French door can be modified by one or three doors or shutters. This door is really beautiful because of its shape like a gate that welcome you, give more outside view by its wide glass panel, and give more light in the noon that warm up your bedroom.

french door ideas for bedroom decorating

To installation bedroom French door, first of all you have to do is to make sure that your bedroom wall, height and width match the size of standard French door. If you have new house, you will be easier to plan your bedroom French door than finished house. Too small room can be treated by removing window parts and make it in another place separated from the door frame. The second thing you can do is that you must make sure that around the door has enough space or radius for the French door when it is opened in the middle. For privacy and security, you can add door curtain to block eyes seeing your bedroom and French door security bar to protect your bedroom from unexpected person into the room.

french door ideas for bedroom decoration

Bedroom French door design really gives advantages for the bedroom owner either function and art design. Choosing French door for bedroom and other rooms in your house is good choice that make your bedroom more functional and beautiful. A Pool or garden outside your bedroom French door will increase beautiful view with warm sun light when you open your bedroom French door while inhaling fresh air and new atmosphere will rise from this type of bedroom French door that differs it from other bedroom design. Therefore, it needs no consideration to choose this type of door that will really give you real peace and happiness.

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