Bedroom roof designs Ideas forms shape of upper area that includes functions and aesthetic for the house owner. Shapes of roof will influence the ceiling design of a bedroom that gives challenge on how to decorate this bedroom upper side. Outside roof usually has common design with coat of tiles covering roof frame and need less consideration than inner. Because of different shapes, Attic bed surely has smaller space than general bedroom standing in normal building. Nevertheless, each of design has each uniqueness that satisfy personal love of certain design. Most of bedroom design ideas focus on bedroom ceiling that is done through not only aesthetic aspect but also function purpose.

Functional design

bedroom glass roof design ideas

This bedroom designs ideasusually makes roof of a bedroom as additional function for certain purpose. Illumination is the reason for installing skylight for bedroom roof. This skylight is usually glass panel that allows sunlight into bedroom for illumination and some really use it to change temperature from inside cold bedroom. Different shapes of skylights not only give additional function but also automatic decoration for ceiling. When laying on bed, the look of ceiling will be so unique that lets your eyes explore outside of your house especially in the night. Wide or small of skylight is your choice and need, even some apply glass roof for their bedroom to get particular sensation.

Aesthetic design

Aesthetic design can be obtained from shape design of roof, material, and ornament. One of supporting aspect for roof design to get aesthetic value. Some ceiling types probably can be your choice.

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1- Exposed ceiling

exposed ceiling bedroom decorating ideas

Trusses, beam, or piping system on the ceiling is certain frame that can support look of ceiling design. Wood or other material of roof frame is intentionally exposed to shape certain pattern on the ceiling as natural design that has historical value for roof design. This type of ceiling design also makes your bedroom look wider vertically and accept more air to reduce room temperature. Fabricated beam made to look like beam can also replace natural beam if your bedroom roof is made of concrete material. This exposed beam ceiling gives feeling of different touch from classic to modern depending on how you combine with bedroom theme.

2- Tray ceiling

tray ceiling bedroom decorating

It comes with common ceiling design. The uniqueness begins when the center of the tray is raised or dropped known as floating false ceiling. In design with hanging lamp or some use LED, combination will create unique and beautiful design depending on how a designer makes it into elegant ceiling. Decorative molding increasingly enriches the look of the ceiling and give interesting line or point of interest in certain area.

Both types are the most common bedroom roof designs ideas. They are regarded as easy design for ceiling. Vaulted ceiling, domed ceiling, coffered ceiling, and tin ceiling are some option that can be chosen for bedroom design. What ceiling design you want is the best design that your bedroom can accept. So, take consideration between bedroom theme and roof design.

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