Attaching bedroom wall shelve to fill wall emptiness is good idea to decorate your bedroom wall and bring it into vivid nuance. The main function of wall shelve is to put your books that make you easy to take it and express your art sense by putting some accessories as decorative display. This is also your simple storage to add more space for your stuff or practical reason. Then this type of furniture is not only considered for its function as storage and display furniture but also decorative sides of the furniture itself through shape, material, and color.

bedroom shelf ideas for decorating

The evolution of wall shelve can be seen from its shapes that is fully different with the shapes of furniture some years ago. It can be in abstract, letter, labyrinth, or shapes that can be straightly named by buyers because of its unique shapes. If old design of shelves tend to use wood material, in modern life some wall shelves use material that is very light but strong enough to hold burden. Shape of wall shelve have also combination, even some furniture just combine shelve with bed frame for unique design reason or practical purpose. Beautiful color from strong character also adds value that will make this bedroom wall shelve to fill wall emptiness perfectly.

wall shelf ideas for bedroom decorating

Concerning to placement, you can put it everywhere you like provided that it doesn’t disturb you when you sit or walk near the area. Certain wall shelve can only be placed at the corner of the room because influenced by its shape. What kind of shelve you choose will always depends on your need of storage, decorative value, or room design. All the elements probably can complete one another or single element is enough for you because or different reason. So, it is your personal decision to choose bedroom wall shelve to fill wall emptiness.

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