When talking about house design especially bedroom, it will not go into the end. Many concepts and galleries can be found and seen freely and finally tired comes to say all the options are good and which one is for my house design. Furniture, color, accessories, curtain window, door, bed cover and rug is a set of bedroom element you must think and decide to fill the bedroom. Furniture, accessories, bed, curtain and rug are all chosen or design after painting bedroom wall. So, just concentrate to one point before you go to another to make you easy in designing chronologically.

black wall color bedroom decorating

Red, green, yellow, purple, orange, and so on are colors that someone can do painting on the wall in bedroom. Each color gives different nuance to each person and surely will influence mood or feeling for someone who comes into the room. Neutral color like white tends to has no tendency toward feeling and you can make it as the color for the room. To avoid bore for white color, use other color to make the room colorful.

Color combination design for bedroom

black wall black bed bedroom decorating ideas

It will be boring if in a bedroom just consists of one color. The image will be monotonous and looks static. Therefore, color combination is needed. If it is difficult to combine come colors. Contrast can be an alternative color. Black is the opposite of white in color. Combine both color to use in bedroom elements. In this contras color, both colors can be made in balance that means that both color have the same domination in percentage to fill the bedroom. In other hand, one color can dominate the room while another is just complement.

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One color domination

If one color dominating the room, use just white and less black as the accent. Black can be used as domination color and white as accent but it is very rare except those who like gothic style. Paint all your wall with white and let window and door frame and furniture in black. It will create very beautiful combination. For your floor use white ceramic to make the room look clean while bed cover, blanket, and pillow, are also in white. Basically, other color can be used for curtain and rug but never exceed black and white color

white wall black bed bedroom ideas

Balance idea for black and white is also good option. To make them balance, stripe pattern in black and white can be used for the wall. It not only create balance and good combination but the wall also look colorful. Black and white idea can be done for bed, and rug but it doesn’t have to be stripe. If the furniture of bed is black, use white for bed cover and cushion, while for the rug, it can be dominated in black but there are many circle in white or in contrast. What a wonderful design. Are you still doubt to design? Bring this black and white ideas to decorate your eccentric bedroom.

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