It looks imperfect that a bedroom where you are sleeping in it and enjoy your relax to come without colors on the wall. The ambiance of the room will be so silent like a village without villagers. Color is very important to put it on the bedroom wall for purposes that the owner want to do. The function of each color surely has character and effect to the room and it needs to be learned on how to apply color for bedroom. In fact, many people don’t know about the function in detail and just judge it from beauty of the color. Therefore, color function review before applying color to bedroom is a wise attitude to obtain better result.

Nature function

color function review bedroom

Pure colors usually come from objects around us in the nature. Each object keeps each color that show their identities as a part of color. The proof is that when a child draw on a canvas about the sea, they will refer to blue color or fresh leaves related to green. Colors that sticks to certain object in nature around us indicate representation of nature as option of the color function review before applying color to bedroom. This color is appropriate for you who love nature very much to change bedroom into fresh nature imagination.

Signal function

simple red painting for your bedroom decoration

This function of color originally comes from human tradition in color use or convention. When someone drives their car on the street and see traffic light, they will pay attention to the color of traffic light to decide next action in street. This color for bedroom can also be used in bedroom to mark area or probably warning with symbol in a bedroom, even your bedroom will be so unique, creative, and interactive.

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Distinguishing function

painting ideas for girl bedroom

Color can be an identity for something. For example, a car from certain manufacture uses certain color to feature their identity of product to differentiate it with other. It also comes to each person that has different tendency on color. A girl usually loves pink for bedroom than other colors they know but a boy probably prefer blue, silver, or other that represent their character by color. So, it seems clear that distinguishing function is personal character to choose a color for bedroom.

Psychology function

romance function of applying color to your bedroom

When seeing on color on the wall of your bedroom, certain feeling can come from this situation and each person has different perception on the color they see. Color will give big contribution toward what you feel when see it and it proves that color function review before applying color to bedroom is important. The color can make you happy, sad, peaceful, warm, romantic, and so on. Therefore, you must understand what best color for your bedroom to create your best feeling.

Aesthetic function

Aesthetic function applying color to bedroom

This is common function people do with the color because colors can give fun when it comes to your bedroom wall. When you choose right color for your bedroom, you will feel fun and relax because your eyes always catch nice view around and not boring to see it again and again. In contrast, to select wrong color will make your bedroom looks so boring or probably spooky that makes you feel averse to step into the bedroom. So, choose the best color to get fun and relax for your bedroom.

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It is clear that color function review before applying color to bedroom can’t be separated from your life. The result is very influenced by the color you choose for your bedroom. Therefore, early learning on color is important step before starting your bedroom decoration.

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