Bedroom design and decoration perfectly depend on how to combine and harmonize the elements in bedroom that supports each other. Aesthetic, function, and comfort are the main concept influencing a bedroom owner to design bedroom and choose furniture for the bedroom. Bedroom ceiling is one of elements above your bedroom floor that basically can be divided into function and artistic value. To choose bedroom ceiling from so many options probably can make you happy because of beautiful designs you see but finally you are confused to choose what design that meets your bedroom ceiling. Cozy woven bamboo ceiling panel probably can be your choice with some advantages.

Hidden ventilation design

hidden ventilating bamboo ceiling decorating design

Bamboo ceiling panel usually is made by hand. Woven panel has small holes or pores that allow air under the ceiling get supply or can change with upper air above the ceiling. Because of natural design, this type of bamboo ceiling panel makes bedroom temperature tend to be cool than general design of bedroom ceiling. This bamboo is also flexible, light enough, durable, and easy in installation. If you have skylight on your roof, light can be transferred by this bamboo ceiling panel. Although the sunlight is not too much into the bedroom, but it is enough for day illumination. So, this cozy woven bamboo ceiling panel really functional design.

Artistic design idea

From some designs of woven bamboo ceiling panels, these hand-made products historically have existed from years and been known for traditional people for wall or panel. Patters of woven bamboo panel are so unique that makes a bedroom ambiance look vintage or classic. Nevertheless, this cozy woven bamboo ceiling panel can be combine with modern elements to express new design ideas. You can choose bamboo from different limited color or add color for this woven bamboo ceiling panel although some have polished it for protection without omitting natural feature of bamboo and pattern.

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Strong material

Strong Bamboo Ceiling Decorating idea

The characteristic of bamboo is renewable that make designers easy to find the bamboo for store furniture supply. Other characters are flexible and strong. This bamboo will not be easily cracked when thing falls on it and can be bent to fit the bedroom shape if compared with plasterboard that is breakable. This is very wonderful material to complete your bedroom ceiling because of strong, renewable, eco-friendly, and artistic and all of what you want exists in this material.

It is clear that from material, design of bamboo panel, and function is really true to say is as cozy woven bamboo ceiling panel. In your mission to make your bedroom decoration look so perfect, this is the right choice for your bedroom ceiling. Light material and flexible bamboo characteristic make you easy to take it home yourself to start your bedroom ceiling design now.

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