Different type of bedroom roof design can stimulate love to live long stay in the bedroom. Each of bedroom roof design surely has advantage and disadvantage that every single person has tendency to choose one of the design to beautify a bedroom. The beauty of roof design commonly also brings function in one package to complete a bedroom. Common bedroom roof usually uses tiles to cover and protect a bedroom from high temperature in day and very cold night weather. Another design uses certain material to take its function as bedroom roof to get more value by aesthetic or function. Glass roof bedroom design is a brilliant ideas for roof plan that makes many people interested to apply it for their house.

Glass as the material for bedroom roof can be made to form the entire roof of the bedroom, half, or probably small part. How you construct frame for bedroom roof will give big difference to see that make you love it or not. Therefore, glass roof bedroom design must be planned together with roof frame design to get perfect result. This bedroom roof with glass surely has aesthetic value and specific function and it means it has some advantages and disadvantages before deciding to choose glass material as the bedroom roof design.

Advantages of glass roof

If you love glass material for your bedroom roof, less or more you will know that this material has some advantage that can’t be done by other materials for bedroom roof. The advantage of glass roof bedroom design as the following.

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1- Better view

Better view with glass roof decoration
Sleeping with an Amazing Sky

Artistic or aesthetic value of a design will always be searched by house owner. It is because a beautiful design will make nice attitude toward a bedroom design that positively increases love to long stay in a bedroom. One can make all the roof by glass material or small part as they wish. Glass material for bedroom roof allows your eyes explore more view especially in the night when flickering stars and bright moon appear in the sky to see and accompany you. It is really nice design idea that stimulates your mind relaxed by the view while laying on your comfortable bed.

2- Solar control

Solar Advantage of Glass Roof
Shiny Days With Bedroom Glass Roofs

When the day begins, sun rises to give its light to your bedroom and wake you up with its warm light. It is very suitable for cold weather time that enables light go into bedroom to warm up area around your room and reduce cold air around. This design can also help bedroom illumination that can’t be done by bedroom that is designed with tile roof. In summer, you had better have tray to protect your bedroom from high temperature in day and leave small area to allow light in. This glass roof bedroom design is truly unique idea, functional in day and beautiful in night.

3- Reduced noise

The character of glass material is able to isolate a room. It means that noise can be reduced by this glass roof bedroom design especially when grain of falling water touches your bedroom roof. Less sound of rain makes you feel peace when sleeping even you can directly see beautiful natural rain that hits roof and creates beautiful phenomenon.

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It is what you don’t expect from a design that usually brings negative meaning. Glass roof bedroom design can increase high temperature in day that sometimes makes discomfort stay. To settle this problem, you can make tray or blind to block sun light penetrating to your bedroom or you can design your bedroom with small part of roof area. So, every problem has solutions depending on each owner creativity.

What you imagine is around you, glass roof bedroom design that will make you happy and comfort with the design for your bedroom. Therefore, to choose glass roof for bedroom design is nice ideas that feature balance design, function and aesthetic that will make you love it all the time.

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