Fail in decorating a bedroom that is experienced by many people is the cause of misinformation on how to decorate bedroom color schemes. The wrong selection of bedroom color will make the wall look imperfect, or loss of heart mood when entering the room. Two or three colors probably fill your bedroom wall but it on the contrary doesn’t support each other and create new unfamiliar, not fun and strange color combination to the eyes. One will never let it happen to their bedroom and must find best ideas or solution for the problem. It means that everyone need to know how to decorate bedroom color schemes in satisfactory way.


purple bedroom color decorating ideas

Early painter or green painter is safe to use one color for the wall. This color is the most common way on how to decorate bedroom color schemes for the unprofessional or learner. One can paint the bedroom by one color of green, red, purple, brown, and so on. Because of one color option, dark or light is optional idea but still in one color.


two colors bedroom color ideas

Complementary is the use of two or more colors that have different character or some say as contrast color. This complementary color needs high skill and imagination to combine colors for bedroom wall including furniture, floor, and ceiling. It is better to browse through many galleries if you are not certain to train your imagination or the simplest way is to do painting like what you see on the galleries.

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analog bedroom painting ideas

Light yellow, yellow, and green have close color area in color schemes. The color that has close area in color scheme is named as analog. It looks like monochrome color but variations of color are richer to fill bedroom wall. It is easy to do by looking at the color scheme then straightly apply on the bedroom wall that previously you must also consider sofa or furniture.


triadic bedroom color schema for bedroom decorating

Triadic means that in color selection, three colors are taken different place that is not close enough in color scheme that forms triangle when they are connected by lining. For example is three colors of green, purple, and orange. The purpose of this triadic color is to create bedroom nuance with some contrast color.


tetradic color samples for bedroom decorating

Tetradic is bedroom color by four different colors. It contains two couple of colors that form rectangle in color wheel by linings. To apply this tetradic color scheme, one color is chosen as domination for wall, ceiling, or probably floor and the others are as completing color in bedroom.  It is very suitable for those who prefer more color for the bedroom.

Split complementary

split compementary scheme bedroom decorating

To do this bedroom color, by choosing one favorite color and add analog color on the left and right side of the favorite color. The bedroom will have one contrast color and two complementary. The use of this color application of split complementary is usually done when some people afraid to use contrast color.

From the detail on color scheme above, now it makes you easy on how to decorate bedroom color schemes to get beautiful bedroom that makes you happy every day.

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