Platform bed is known as modern bed design to support fashion or trend that comes in variation for extra function and one of them is platform bed with storage design. A bed with a storage design as platform bed has originally is made by designers to complete function of a modern bed that represents smart idea to differentiate old design and contemporary design.  Beauty of design coming from brilliant idea makes aesthetic values and functional aspect can take its contribution without heavy handed look to see. The storage will be influenced automatically by platform bed dimension that consideration must be understood when choosing type and dimension of platform bed as it will be explained in the next paragraph.

Storage design

bedroom decorating ideas with platform bed

Platform bed with storage depends on its frame either vertically or horizontally. The larger you have the platform bed the more you have storage. It makes you have more storage for your stuff although you have had a large cabinet, closet, of cupboard. Even if you want more space for storage, you can make it yourself without depending on certain products from store.

Like-drawers storage

bedroom decorating ideas with like-drawers storage

This type of platform bed with storage designis done by placing some drawers in one design with your bed frame. On one side, left and right, under footboard or combination is common design made by designers. Some designers makes two level drawers to give more storage that causes the bed frame look higher. This type of storage with drawer can settle small room and save space.

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Under mattress storage

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Certain platform bed with storage stands on your bedroom floor without drawers around the frame. The storage access is made by lifting your mattress to find storage space. It probably comes from introvert philosophy from the designers or customer need to protect secret or certain stuff not exposed by bedroom visitors. This hidden storage make you free to save your stuff.

Bookshelf storage

If you have big closet or cabinet inside your bedroom, probably you don’t need a platform bed with storage. Suddenly, your hobby of reading forces you to have bookshelf inside your bed to make you easy take your book without going out from your bedroom. Platform bed with storage is really good option to put your books that is designed under your mattress. So, it surely makes you happy to read magazine or book on your bed while waiting your eyes to start sleeping.

Storage dimension

bedroom decoration ideas for home offices

To have more storage, self-made platform bed will work for this purpose. One can make raised platform bed to expand space under the bed for different function. This type of storage is similar with real stage and need stair to go up. Another advantage of this raised platform bed is often used to separated function or area although both areas are in one room like bedroom and home office. It really makes your bedroom so wonderful with function and creative design.

Platform bed with storage really makes a bedroom has advantage with furniture selection especially its bed. This platform bed often becomes point of interest when stepping into the room. In conclusion, this platform bed with storage design is appropriate either small or large bedroom and to choose this type of bed is best idea for all.

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