Bedroom paint color ideas with purple is often regarded as romantic color. Many couple apply this color to paint their bedroom wall to evoke romantic nuance as the begin living as one family. According to psychologist, purple has meaning of luxury, prosperity, elegant, wise, and mystery. Therefore, some think that this color is good color to tighten wife and husband relationship in bedroom. The reason is that this color will enhance passion and romance.

purple bedroom paint color decorating ideas

This color is also suitable to be combined with classic design with glittering coquettish ornaments to make it more romantic. It can be also used as the background of bed together with black, white, gold, or other.

You can also use darker purple color for your bedroom paint color ideas, but if you use brighter purple on the bedroom wall, it will look more energetic. The color can dominate the room with light effect, and accessories. The bright color is useful to make the room look enthusiastic, so it can release burden that you have in mind. You can also have more color to combine with purple to avoid boredom.

Purple bedroom paint color ideas in some color combination

clean purple bedroom paint color ideas

You are not suggested to use more than five colors in the bedroom wall, because the combination will just give unrelaxed nuance for the occupant. If purple dominates your room, purple can be well combined with black, white, and gold. Black is chosen because of its character as neutralizer element. While white and gold will give contrast toward the black color but it can cause good combination with purple and black. How do you combine them into interesting combination as your bedroom paint color ideas? You had better make color plan with software that help you design your bedroom. The easiest way is to consult to the architect but if you can make it your own on your computer, it will be much better and you get infinite satisfaction.

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Then choose one main color like green, pink, or yellow for one accessory. Just one not more and do your best because you secret power inside your mind. good luck.

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