Being exhausted after hard day at office makes body need a rest. Because of exhaustion, often one can sleep anywhere they find place to sleep without considering that they have had a comfortable bedroom with soft mattress and supporting bedroom furnishings. Another reason to sleep out of bedroom because some people need simple and easy access to reach living room, guest room, or other rooms. This reason inspires some house owner to make additional sleeping area out of a bedroom. Some house owners use space that they don’t guess previously. It is under stair bed design idea that sometimes people forget to use and just leave it without function.

Some people also use space under stair as additional storage for shoes, cleaning tools, or goods that you use only in certain time. When you try to use it as your bed, you must consider anything that can support your idea. Some points below probably can help you on under bedroom design idea.

1- Shape

under stair bed design ideas

To bring a new bed from store and place it under the stair will not be automatically fitted with the shape of space under bedroom. The only way to create your bed is by ordering to the store or carpenter based on size and shape you have done. Basically, concrete or permanent design can be made but sometimes mind can change that ask you to use this space for different function and have to move your bed. Therefore, wood material bed that is movable is better option.  Height of bed is also important.

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2- Bed Height

under stair bed decorating ideas

Under stair bed automatically allow your other family member walk near your bed. Too low bed height will make you feel not comfortable because sound of shoes hitting the floor will disturb your ears and it looks impolite to walk near sleeping person on the floor. At thigh level of bed height or more probably is better design because it is high enough from sound of hitting shoes that make you feel comfortable.

3- Additional Storage

Empty space under your bed is nice place to save your book that make the bed has double function, as a simple sleeping place and reading area. Some designer makes book shelf on head area to easily grab the book when sitting on your bed. It is really nice design that gives you more fun without worrying build a new room.

4- Illumination

Add lamp for under stair bed to help you read book when you can’t sleep and by reading book to wait your eyes really tired and ready to sleep. You had better choose certain lamp that is safe enough from damage by its slim shape and right place where your head, hand or leg is far from the lamp. Small lamp is enough to do illumination for this sleeping place because it is small enough and small lamp can do it.

5- Point of interest

Strong color around for under stair bed design idea can make it so different. Colors like red, orange, green, or other that is contrast to the main color near it will make is as attention for everyone who pass or sit near it. Blanket and mattress can also help the decoration. If you are worried about the suitable color for your bed and wall, you can see color wheel scheme or see some color in home decoration for inspiration.

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Under stair bed design idea obviously helps home owner to get more value. An additional sleeping area and decorative purpose are both supporting each other especially the room that is near this bed design idea and can be used for all. Therefore, you will be disappointed to have this type of sleeping area design to get fun with your family member.

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