Recently, wall bed design for a bedroom seem to be back to its fashion and a fashion comes and disappears because everyone not always keeps in one fashion that in a long time makes someone bored and turn to new design or old design. Bed on the wall becomes a smart ideas that can represent concept minimalist bedroom for those who have small bedroom to obtain maximal room space function or probably it is just idea that a person with wall bed ideas really loves the bedroom design without paying attention to the room space in accommodating furniture.

Both reasons as mentioned in the above paragraph are very possible to be implemented that are based on each purpose in bedroom design, but the important thing to do is that how the wall bed come to your bedroom and you love it to have it there. Of course wall bed has different kind that someone can choose to fill the room that can be bought from simple to complicated design, also bedroom wall plan design to support the idea of bedroom with wall bed. Therefore what will be discussed in this article is about kind of wall bed design that you can choose to fit your individual character.

How to Choose the Best Wall Bed

bedroom decorating ideas with wall bed

What the best wall bed for each person is an option. Nice wall bed design for a person will not always be the same with other people because how they look at the art value is fully different although some have the same analysis. Therefore, here will be presented some ideas of wall bed that hopefully accommodate the needs of wall bed design.

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1- Jail Bed

The design is made by using metal board in small bed size of metal or other material like in jail. One side of the board is on the wall and another side is hanged with chain at the two corner of board toward wall. So, this bed has no leg and can be fold to the wall. To make it comfort, you can give sponge on the board. For the wall, make a space to place the board and when the bed is fold, it becomes wall again.

2- Furniture bed design

furniture wall beds for  bedroom decorating ideas

This type of bed comes together with other furniture in one building. This bed can be fold to hide it and you will find that wardrobe is also stand there. When you come into, it seems that you have no bed in your bedroom except you. If you want certain design to pull out a part of wardrobe. What a lovely design it is. If you want another design, just order it in the store, so you are really satisfied.

Both design are the basic ideas that inspire wall bed design. The advantage of the design is to give room more space and easy settlement or organization of the bedroom because you will find less furniture inside your bedroom. If you are interested in this wall bed design, it is time to start.

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