Decoration always becomes amazing affinity to everyone who wants their home to be so perfect. It can also change atmosphere and break silence into new world that brings happiness and peace in a room. Most of object or area used as place to express this decoration are wall with colorful paint and floor through rug and floor pattern. Type and material of furniture also give big contribution in this decorative purpose. Suddenly, it catches nothing when you are on bed just seeing blank area without any amusing feature. It is nice idea to choose wonderful bedroom ceiling murals to complete your upper area.

bederoom murals

The ceiling is very large area to put this wonderful bedroom ceiling murals that enables you to invite fantastic artificial view. Because of its wide area, ideas of using natural view as the picture of the ceiling can be so wonderful. You will have enough space to put all you want on it. View of wide blue sky with glittering stars and perfect round moon will create illusion as if you had open roof on your own bedroom and enjoy it very much. It is also important to well place your bedroom lamp to illuminate your wonderful bedroom ceiling murals and not disturb your eyes when seeing it. Searchlight on edge area of ceiling can be very effective that consists of more than one to give better illumination.

brown bedroom mural ideas

The height of ceiling is very important. Too low of your bedroom ceiling toward your bed or floor will make you lose view and just catch a half or small area of this ceiling mural. You must have good space to apply it and right spot for your bed. Shape of ceiling like cupola can give different effect toward eyes and makes your eyes easy to see the view. The use of 3D effect for this bedroom ceiling mural causes real floating object on the ceiling and creates so wonderful look to see.

flower mural bedroom

This bedroom ceiling mural really offers you beauty that sometimes it can be much better to be placed in other area in bedroom like view of sky with combination of color and space illusion that frees your eyes from being trapped in wrapped area and represent its high area. Therefore, if you want to look different from other in expression of your lovely bedroom, choose this wonderful bedroom ceiling murals is good idea.

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